Academics At Oakmoor

Oakmoor Academy provides an innovative way to incorporate athletic development along with traditional, and online learning environments. We have partnered with top professionals in the education field through Xceed-Oakmoor to provide a cutting-edge experience.

Oakmoor Academy provides a flexible, fully accredited program where students are taught to balance academic expectations with their unique athletic skill sets. Our diverse student body represents multiple countries and sets the stage for collaboration and shared learning.

At Oakmoor Academy, we are focused on addressing the unique needs of our student-athletes, providing them with elite level guidance, curriculum, and facilities.

2023 Student Enrollment is Open

What Makes Us Unique


Our educational model is designed to provide our student-athletes with ample time for both their academics and their sport, with their practices and conditioning built into their daily schedule.


Students have a personalized learning plan (PLP), designed to meet their individual goals. Our educators provide one-to-one and small group instruction to capitalize on each students’ learning styles and strengths.


Oakmoor Academy offers Honors, Advanced, and A.P. classes, as well as dual enrollment through online courses at the University of Pittsburgh. SAT/ACT prep courses are also available.

accreditation & memberships

Our state-certified teachers are dedicated to your child's success Xceed-Oakmoor is Cognia accredited, serving grades 6-12


academic support

student-athletes work closely with Academic Advisors, counselors and tutors so that each individual is prepared to achieve success

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